Exploring the Luas Tram Stop in Smithfield, Dublin 7: Transport Connections, Fares, and More


The Luas tram system, known for its speed and efficiency, has become a vital part of Dublin’s public transportation network. With 67 stations and 42.5 kilometers of revenue track, Luas connects the city’s residents and visitors to various destinations across Dublin. Among these stations, the Smithfield tram stop in Dublin 7 holds significant importance as it serves as a major transport hub. In this article, we will explore the transport connections from Dublin Bus and the location of the Smithfield tram stop. We will also discuss connections to the 747 bus to Dublin Airport, the Dublin Bikes scheme, and the Luas fares.

Smithfield Tram Stop and Transport Connections

The Smithfield tram stop is located in the heart of the vibrant Smithfield area, which is home to various attractions, including the Old Jameson Distillery, Lighthouse Cinema, and the bustling Smithfield Square. The tram stop is a part of the Luas Red Line, connecting Tallaght to Connolly Station, and The Point to Saggart.

The Smithfield tram stop offers excellent transport connections, with several Dublin Bus routes serving the area. Key bus routes stopping near the Smithfield tram stop include routes 37, 39, 39A, 70, and 83. These routes connect Smithfield to other popular areas, such as Dublin city center, Blanchardstown, and Rathmines, making it easier for commuters and visitors to travel to different parts of the city.

Connections to the 747 Bus to Dublin Airport

The Airlink 747 bus is a popular and convenient way to travel to Dublin Airport. The Smithfield tram stop is not directly connected to the 747 bus route; however, it is just a short walk away from the nearest stop. To reach the 747 bus stop from the Smithfield tram stop, one can simply walk towards the city center, crossing the River Liffey, and reach the bus stop at Bachelor’s Walk, near O’Connell Bridge. This walk takes approximately 15 minutes, and the 747 bus runs frequently, providing a quick and easy connection to the airport.

Airlink Express 747 stop on Aston Quay & Temple Bar, is now served by Dublin Express Route 782 on Aston Quay.

Dublin Bikes and Nearby Stops

Dublin Bikes is a popular public bike-sharing scheme that allows residents and visitors to rent bikes and explore the city. There are several Dublin Bikes stations located near the Smithfield tram stop, making it easy for commuters to switch between different modes of transportation. Some of the closest Dublin Bikes stations to the Smithfield tram stop include:

  1. Station 41 – Smithfield North (right next to the tram stop)
  2. Station 42 – Greek Street (a short walk away from the tram stop)
  3. Station 43 – Newmarket Square (located southeast of the tram stop)

Luas Fares

The Luas tram system offers affordable fares for both single journeys and return trips. The fares are based on the number of zones traveled and are divided into adult and child categories. The following are the Luas fares as of 2023:

Single Ticket:

  • 1 zone: €1.70 (adult), €0.80 (child)
  • 2 zones: €2.20 (adult), €0.80 (child)
  • 3 zones: €2.50 (adult), €0.80 (child)
  • 4 zones: €2.50 (adult), €1.00 (child)
  • 5-8 zones: €2.60 (adult), €1.00 (child)

Return Ticket:

  • 1 zone: €3.00 (adult), €1.50 (child)
  • 2 zones: €3.80 (adult), €1.50 (child)
  • 3 zones: €4.30 (adult), €1.50 (child)
  • 4 zones: €4.30 (adult), €1.90 (child)
  • 5-8 zones: €4.40 (adult), €1.90 (child)

It is worth noting that discounted fares are available for Leap Card users, which can be used across various public transport services in Dublin, including Luas, Dublin Bus, and DART. The Leap Card offers a convenient, cashless way to pay for public transportation and can be topped up online or at various retail outlets across the city.


The Smithfield tram stop in Dublin 7 is an essential part of the city’s public transport network, offering excellent connections to various Dublin Bus routes and the Dublin Bikes scheme. With its central location and proximity to popular attractions, the Smithfield tram stop is an ideal starting point for exploring Dublin. The Luas fares are affordable and provide a cost-effective way to travel across the city, especially when using a Leap Card. So, whether you’re a resident or a visitor, the Luas tram system and the Smithfield tram stop make it easier than ever to navigate and enjoy all that Dublin has to offer.

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